Vendor Management System

Our top-notch VMS will give your company insight and control over your entire process. Expenditures and nursing vacancy rates? Easy. Track those day and night.

The b4Health VMS solution gives you the power to manage supplemental staff efficiently and effectively by streamlining the communication of shift opportunities, identifying the best job candidates and providing the real-time ability to fill vacancies.

b4Health gives you more than just control over your vacancy rates and communication though. You’ll be able to automate communication, time management, and scheduling. Additionally, skills inventory and credential compliance monitoring and reporting.

b4health’s VMS will automate your:

  • Agency communication
  • Scheduling
  • Time Management
  • Skills Inventory
  • Credential Compliance Monitoring
  • Reporting

Totally Vendor Neutral

b4health is a completely vendor neutral company, and we mean it.  When you use b4health’s Vendor Management Service you’ll know you are getting the best, most qualified staff. No exceptions.

Managing your supplemental staff has never been easier or more efficient than with b4health’s VMS solution. Streamline the communication of your shift opportunities and fill shift vacancies with the most qualified talent quickly and easily. Easy, one-click communication automates per-diem and contract agency use as well as invoicing and spending productivity reporting.

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Billing & Reconciliation

Handle all of your billing needs in one dedicated area.

Take the pain and frustration out of monthly invoicing by using b4health’s integrated Billing and Reconciliation modules. You can create and edit invoices directly from the Vendor Management System so you can be sure your billing is accurate and up-to-date.

Reconciliation made easy.

Accurate billing is essential in saving you time and money. You can adjust shift data to reflect what was actually worked by the healthcare professional, meaning that all your invoices will be accurate the first time.

  • Cloud Storage

    Time cards and credentials can be uploaded and stored in b4Health’s online repository, and can be accessed by administrators and agencies at anytime.

  • URL Time and Attendance

    Healthcare professionals can call in to clock in and out, simplifying your reconciliation process— and for some agencies—taking the place of time cards.

  • Reverse Billing

    Agency partners can be reversed invoiced in the aggregate or individually. Facilities can allow billing by facility or unit, as well.

  • Post Payment Reconciliation

    Agency or Hospital partners can reconcile any shift discrepancies, create debits or credits for any shifts billed in error or create past shifts and move them into the next billing or service period. A copy of the shift is created, referencing the original shift ID for your records.

Time & Attendance Options

Web Based

Providers will have the option to clock in on a designated computer by simply clicking an icon and entering a PIN.

Mobile Based

Healthcare professionals can record time via the b4health Mobile Time Tracker App or the Web Time Tracker, simplifying your reconciliation process — and for some agencies — replacing time cards.

Phone Based

A stationary phone makes it possible for providers to record hours worked in case a mobile phone is unavailable.

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