A complete, customizable solution.

Want more automation, integrated communication tools, and easier staffing without disruption to your current workflow? How about a secure, centralized system that is web-based and accessible anywhere? b4health is a completely customizable solution for all of your hospital or nursing facility’s needs — built to save you time, money and frustration.

360 Degree Shift Management™ features:

  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Multiple administrator functionality
  • Superior implementation service management
  • Secure system access and user data tracking
  • Shift preference and availability search matching
  • Internal and External workforce management

Replace Your Job Board

Beyond the Basic Board

Have you ever wished your job board was more than just a job board? b4health can take you beyond basic functionality with our advanced job board features. Posting, sharing, and awarding jobs can all be done from one place, as well as tracking credentials, shifts, contracts and invoices.

Easy Scheduling and Management

Hospitals and Agencies gain a direct line of communication, making scheduling shifts and managing contracts easier than ever. All your schedules integrate with b4health’s Reconciliation and Billing modules, so all your scheduling can be done inside a single interface. 360 Degree Shift Management can be customized to work with many existing integrations so if you already have a workflow that works, we’ll just make it better.


    Credential Management

    Take Control of Credentials

    Manage your workforce more efficiently by letting our 360 Degree Shift Management automate your workforce’s credentials. Our exclusive automated message system lets your healthcare professionals know when they have 30 days left on their current credentials, and any workers with expired credentials are flagged so you’re only getting talent who are ready and capable to fill your shifts.

    A Clear View of Your Workforce

    If you manually manage your workforce's credentials, you'll appreciate the way that 360 Degree Shift Management automates and displays your entire workforce's credentials. Get rid of the spreadsheets and let us do the work for you.

    Best-In-Class Technology

    b4Health is one of the first modern cloud based software solutions created specifically for Healthcare organizations. We use the latest technology to address common issues as well as utilizing the flexibility of our custom portal framework to address each organization’s unique set of challenges.


    b4Health is open to integrating with any platform that an Agency or Facility needs. We believe in partnering with 3rd party vendors when needed to enhance the user experience through powerful integrations.


    Cloud-based Data Storage

    b4Health utilizes the latest technology and security measures to ensure that your data is protected, yet still accessible by administrators and users.

    You're Protected

    b4health employs a full array of security measures to ensure that you receive best in class protection.

    Everything is Encrypted

    This includes web services security with encryption, restricted access via firewall, and a host of other features as well including file based integration security with optional secure VPN.

    Totally Secure

    Top of the line Application security such as key encryption of sensitive data, VeriSign/Symantec encryption, Microsoft Forms Authentication and Encryption and more all make for one secure application.


    Reporting is made easy with a full suite of predefined variables that you can filter, sort and review before exporting into a fully-realized report. Review your reports online, or create PDF’s, Excel files, or CSV files. Into customization? All reports can easily be tailored to your needs.

    Schedule Related Reports:

    • Unit Master Schedule
    • Facility or Unit Daily Schedule
    • Advanced Daily Report
    • Advanced Weekly/Monthly Report
    • Full Shift Summary Report
    • Shift Request Tracking Report
    • Cancelled Unfilled Reasons Report
    • Quality Assurance
    • Agency Spending
    • Billing
    • Contracts
    • Expiring Contracts
    • Missing Credentials
    • Expired Credentials
    • Time Cards

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